Organisation chart

Idea Construction has more than 100 employees. They make up independent, united and consistent teams that can intervene in the Grand Est region and in Ile-de-France.
An average turnover less than 3% combined with the stability of human resources allow us to put a training and a continuous improvement policy in place.


Celal Karabay

Walter Fabro
Works manager

Hakika Amraoui
Management Assistant

Carlos Caetano
Business Manager

Ibrahim Kartal
Management ID Loc

Works manager

Mehmet Karabay
Works manager – SSE coordinator

Ayhan Avci
Works manager

Hafid Faska
Works manager

Ercan Kabak
Works manager

Thierry Jacquin

Gilles Bernier
Prefabrication manager

Site and team foremen

Jean Michel Hautier

Abdullah Yildirim

Fernando Papel

Metna Ramdane

Sagin Kamber

Mehmet Polat

Mehmet Buzpinar

Tiago Papel

Haydar Cimen

Adnan Edizer

Burez Robert

Thomas Vadim

Cemalettin Buzpinar

Claude Bach

Accounting and secretarial duties

Jennyfer Woijtiska
Executive Secretary

Ezgi Gul
Executive Secretary

Sandrine Yera

Central Services (ID Loc)

Warehouse clerc
2 heavy goods vehicle drivers

Journeymen (80 on average)

Crane drivers

Builders form setters

Form setters

Mould makers

Traditional builders

Roads and utilities builders

Labourers etc…