Conception and realisation

Equipped with reactive and qualified resources, we ensure the support, conception and realisation of industrial projects or projects for turnkey housing.
According to the needs of our clients (and our promotion subsidiary), we will go and find the best compromise between the constraints of the SITE (local urban master plan, flood risk prevention plan, town planning rules) and our client’s specifications:

  • A modern and aesthetic architecture
  • Energy performance (A, B, B+)
  • And a controlled building price, “turnkey” with no bad surprises for our partners

General contractor

Thanks to our experience, resources and loyal partners (subcontractors) we suggest being our clients’ sole and unique contact throughout the project.

  • as our teams carry out the structural works, the interface is ensured daily with all of our subcontractors
  • Our Project Manager manages client requests (TMA), the requests of tenants and remains the main contact
  • We make a platform available to our clients to report reservations regarding successful completion of work and guarantee an adapted reactivity

Structural works

  • Every year, nearly half a million m3 of concrete is poured in vertical and horizontal formworks. The teams carry out structural works every day.
  • The builders form setters accompanied by their team leader are completely involved in the site. They know that the quality of their work will determine the quality of the finished work.
  • Our 3D study processes for the preparation, planning as well as making available adapted equipment make the reputation of the group’s achievements.

Civil engineering and roads and utilities

Thanks to their know-how, form setters, machine and crane operators are equipped to achieve the most complicated of challenges.